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md5.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Definition in file md5.h.

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struct  md5_context
 MD5 context structure. More...


void md5 (unsigned char *input, int ilen, unsigned char *output)
 Output = MD5( input buffer ).
int md5_file (char *path, unsigned char *output)
 Output = MD5( file contents ).
void md5_finish (md5_context *ctx, unsigned char *output)
 MD5 final digest.
void md5_hmac (unsigned char *key, int keylen, unsigned char *input, int ilen, unsigned char *output)
 Output = HMAC-MD5( hmac key, input buffer ).
void md5_hmac_finish (md5_context *ctx, unsigned char *output)
 MD5 HMAC final digest.
void md5_hmac_starts (md5_context *ctx, unsigned char *key, int keylen)
 MD5 HMAC context setup.
void md5_hmac_update (md5_context *ctx, unsigned char *input, int ilen)
 MD5 HMAC process buffer.
int md5_self_test (int verbose)
 Checkup routine.
void md5_starts (md5_context *ctx)
 MD5 context setup.
void md5_update (md5_context *ctx, unsigned char *input, int ilen)
 MD5 process buffer.

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